Hair: Akuma | RAW HOUSE | Menstuff Hunt 2016
Skin: Hikaru Milk | Elysium
Eyes: Grey Brown Eyes | *Amacci* | Freebie Wall
Head: Anime Deluxe Head | TheMeshProject
Crown: King Royal Crown | *10: 4 ~MesH~
Earrings: Ear Gauge | [Bad Unicorn] | Group Gift
Septum: Septum Mandala | RAW HOUSE | Group Gift
Body: Deluxe Body | TheMeshProject
Hands: Deluxe Hands | TheMeshProject | Comes with the mesh body
Bag: VK Backpack | VALE KOER
Briefs: Tie-up Brief | DUFAUX | Customizable words
Socks: Sporty Socks No. 1 Black Base | DUFAUX
Skateboard: Unicorn Skateboard | [Bad Unicorn] | Group Gift
Photography by Jackson Redstar.

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